Sonic Storyteller

Meet Dery, a musical storyteller with a heartfelt voice. Her songs weave stories that are often rooted in our collective human experience. She roams the infinite expanses of the earth, creating audio fictions that explore memories, lives and histories, inviting the listener on a transcendent journey meant to be heard like a novel. Despite all our differences, we all share the same emotions and struggle with similar hardships.

From her debut EP “The Foreword”, which explores themes of divorce and domestic violence, to the genre-bending album “Chapter One”, Dery’s music touches on the full spectrum of human experience.

The challenges of 2020 became an opportunity for Dery as she traveled through Germany with a solo backpack during the pandemic. In collaboration with guitarist/producer Felix Gerlach, she released “Chapter Two” in 2022, which was funded by grants and well received on Spotify. With a second government grant in 2022, Dery returned to Germany to record ‘Chapter Three’ and explore pop production in depth.

Shaped by a life lived between New York and Hamburg, Dery’s perspective provides a fresh and remarkable view of the world.

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Recommended Songs

  • Riddle
  • Uninspired
  • Wasting