From DIY Roots to Dreamy Heights

Men I Trust is a captivating indie band that has managed to achieve a remarkable balance between obscurity and fame. Born out of the Montreal music scene in 2014, the band initially started as an electronic duo before evolving into a three-member group with the addition of singer Emmanuelle Proulx in 2016. Despite their DIY ethos and lack of mainstream media coverage, Men I Trust has garnered an impressive following, boasting 2.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

What sets Men I Trust apart is their unique journey to success. Rather than chasing traditional avenues, the band embraced a self-sufficient approach, creating music on their terms. They caught the attention of notable figures like Tyler, the Creator, and Flying Lotus, earning spots at major festivals. The pandemic-induced lockdowns in 2020 temporarily interrupted their upward trajectory, but the band used the time to craft their latest release, the ironically titled “Untourable Album.”

This latest project showcases Men I Trust’s ability to seamlessly blend electronic, soulful grooves with dreamy pop elements. The album’s lushly layered sound, marked by rich sonic textures, stands as a testament to the band’s experimentation and artistic evolution. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Men I Trust not only persisted but flourished creatively, turning what was initially conceived as an experimental EP into a full-fledged album.

The band’s commitment to their DIY philosophy remains unwavering. They value the freedom to release music on their terms, avoiding the constraints of traditional label timelines. This resolute approach has allowed Men I Trust to maintain a deep connection with their fans, who eagerly anticipate each new release. As they embark on an extensive North American tour to support “Untourable Album,” Men I Trust continues to defy expectations and forge their path in the music industry, proving that creative freedom and authenticity are the keys to their unlikely success story.

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