July 6, 2022

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We will support you by curating your music. You support our artists with your socials and Spotify plays when we notify you. That´s the deal. No fees, mutual assistance instead. This is the experiment. If it works it could be a great push for emerging artists. If it fails it was worth a try and a lot of fun. So let´s step into it.

Our Playlists
We are about to build genre specific Spotify playlists as well as a team of curators. The focus of our music selection is in the area of Singer/Songwriter, Indie Folk and Indie Pop. If you are a playlist curator and like our concept, feel free to get in touch.

All music submissions will be published on our “World Tune Current” playlist. This is the public pool for the curators to pick the best songs for the curated playlists. So the main submission type for our network is a
Spotify link to your song. Helpful for the curators is also  a link to your artist profile. Beside the music we also love videos. But not this commercial overkill type of video. We prefer authentic videos of the recording situation of your song. See some good examples on our Klanglabor Berlin homepage. W
e also like to receive the youtube URL of your music video if you have one. So in summary, you should have the following things ready for your submission:

1. The Spotify link to your song.
2. A link to your artist profile.
3. The youtube URL of your video (if you have one).
4. Your e-mail address

If your song fits to our global profile and has a decent quality it will be published directly to the World Tune Current playlist and will stay there at least four weeks. Our curators will then listen to your music and decide if they want to publish the song on one of our curated playlists. If a curator especially loves your music and you might have already published several good songs, he or she will contact you to ask for more pictures and information. Such a request usually results in an artist profile of you, which will be published on the World Tune homepage.  

For artists who already have a profile on the World Tune homepage, we run a campaign as soon as a promising song is to be released. The prerequisite for this is that enough curators get together. Only artists who also support other artists of the World Tune network will be supported. A campaign always refers to the new release of a song or album. A campaign usually lasts 6 weeks. It starts four weeks before the release and ends 2 weeks after. The campaigns are closely coordinated with the artist.

All necessary media are provided by the artist. These media are then distributed via music blogs, the social media channels of our curators, the World Tune mailing list, Spotify playlists and individual Spotify streams from the World Tune community. All campaigns are free of charge. If necessary, a campaign can be supplemented by paid activities such as Facebook ads or Submithub-Premium Submissions, the costs for which are borne by the artist. 

If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch via . If you want to submit your music now,
click the following button: